True Story of Identity Theft and a Mother’s Medical Info being used by thieves!

There was a mother in her 30’s, who was contacted by police. They claimed she just had a baby and the baby was born with Drugs in her system. They contacted her several times and she would tell them my children are all ages 4 and up! The police tried to put the cost of the hospital visit for the baby’s delivery on her for the amount of $10,000.
(FYI ! Your medical coverage card is worth over $500. on the black market and probably more even today!)

What had happened in this mother’s case is a thief getting hold of her medical coverage and changing a few things on her card. Then going in the hospital and claiming to be that mother with 4 kids. Even more devastating the thief ranked up a bill of $10,000. on this mother’s medical account with that hospital. Wow!.

This is a heads up for all of you reading this! Maybe you have your credit cards monitored and feel that is all you need to do. Wake up–please! You NEED more than this! You can have your whole family covered for only $13.95 a month and no contracts. Just month to month. Isn’t the assurance knowing you are protected in these cases worth that money spent? Yes! Act now by looking at this video: God Bless! Kathy

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Honey Moon soon!


Pretty sunset!  I remember visiting here a few years ago.  You walk into the room and open the doors of your balcony to see this awesome sight! So nice to sleep and hear the beautiful sound of waves rolling in on the sand, maybe 50 feet or so from the hotel. I always wanted to stay there again.  Tom promised me that on our honeymoon we could spend some time in this dream picture location.  Fun!!  I can’t wait, counting down the time.

I’m sure you have felt this excitement when you were taking a few days to go somewhere special.  Dream big and don’t let go of that desire to have it come true!

God Bless!  Kathy


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Three years and now the Wedding!

Yes, I got married two weeks ago! So happy and so much to prepare for the wedding. Wow! Our church wedding coordinator really knows her stuff. I was able to email her with any questions or if I had a problem she would find an answer for me.

The last few weeks I would find myself sending emails to myself so I wouldn’t forget anything I needed to do that week. Yes, it helped me keep focused and accomplish many things for the wedding.

Looking forward to a honeymoon soon, and have some long awaited peace and joy with Tom, my new hubby!

Thanks for all the great wishes and support. God Bless! Kathy

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Take Time To Relax and Let Your Visual Thoughts and Dreams Materialize!

Often times our lives get so busy and we wonder why things just don’t go the way you wanted them to. Sometimes it’s best to let the dust settle a bit under your feet.

Of course take action toward your dreams, but I’m a firm believer in letting your thoughts work part of your reality too!
I’m reading a book by Jon Bender, called ” In God We Trust.” He talks about your thoughts being things and things have gravity and gravity has pull. So what you think can become part of your life. What you think and focus on will become your reality. Set you goals and write them down. Read them daily and often. Relax and focus on what dreams you’d like to materialize in your life! God Bless! Kathy

Don’t forget to help by checking this out. Thanks. K

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Please Bless Those Little Ones and Their Parents. Thank you Lord!

Our hearts go out to all those who have been part of the Oklahoma tornado this past week. So sorry for all you are going through. Our prayers are constant and our thoughts are never ending this week.

We prayed for the little ones who don’t understand what happened to their homes. The little ones who lost their special blanket or maybe their Teddy Bear or doll. For those who are still in the hospital after the storm. We pray for healing and much love. For those who lost jobs and all their belongings, this is so so sad! For those who had dreams of a wonderful home in Oklahoma. For those who can’t sleep being the nightmare is still fresh in their minds.

Dear Lord, please hear our prayers! We thank you for saving lives of loved ones. We thank you for all the emergency services that ran to help and are still there providing all they can for those who lost so so much. Please surround them all in your peace. Please give each person strength to go on. Dear Lord, help them all feel your love and know you are surrounding them with your heavenly angels to guide them through each morning and evening, as I’m sure it’s so hard to wake up and see so much gone, so much devastation. Jesus, we love you! Thank you!

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I used my legal plan again! That makes 20 times since Jan/2012.

Ok, what are you talking about? Why in the world would you use a Lawyer so many times in a year and a half? Because I can! I pay only $17.00 a month and I can call and ask any question I have. No lease or contracts. You really should get this!

This time it was a Mineral Rights Question. They were so helpful. All I do is call in to the Law Office that is designated for my state, Minnesota. These lawyers love us. You see being they are part of the legal plan associated with the firms that work under this great product, they get paid “very” well!

I tell the firm my name and my ID number. They then give me a file number associated with the reason I want a Lawyer to call me back. You see they have specialty lawyers for the different areas of Law to help their clients. They then tell me it will be between 3 and 6 hours, as far as when my lawyer will call me back. (Often, it is only an hour or so and I have my lawyer and answer to my question.) So cool!

Oh, as far as my Mineral Rights questions, I talked with the same lawyer twice about my North Dakota question and he also gave me a lawyers name in ND I could call at at 25% discount on her hourly rate and her court hourly rate. I’m finding out more good stuff each time I use this service.

If you go to my link you can leave me a message or send me an email at Oh, the link again is God Bless and have a great day! Kathy

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Quote from “The Tale Of The Camel Trader Of Babylon”

Wednesday is a great day to take a few minutes and read a page or two in a book you have opened but can’t find the time to read. Ok, do it today!

Very simple food for thought today. The Tale of the Camel Trader of Babylon simply states in a quote, “The hungrier one becomes the clearer one’s mind works, also the more sensitive one becomes to the odors of food!”

Well, you could apply this to your food of course, or possibly your work efforts! If someone is in their comfort zone, are they more likely not to act on something that might bring them to the next level of greatness?

Enjoy your day and treat it as the day you have to finish as much as you can.

As a friend please consider : and
God Bless you and yours! Kathy

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Your Life is a Story Book!

Remember 20 years ago? Look back and see what you have accomplished. Look back and see if you made it. Did you do the top 10 things on your list? Did you have a list?

Ok, I may have written a list in some class, but did I really check off each thing on the “to do” list? I don’t think I did. Maybe what I thought was important then, isn’t what is the most important today!

I think it is worth the effort to look back and say thanks and be grateful. However your life played out, giving thanks and being grateful is kind of a spiritual stepping stone. You made it this far, today and prayerful you will make it for 10 to 20 more awesome years. Keep the faith! What you dream can become your reality. So believe the Lord wants you to succeed, and go for it!

I’d appreciate your time and consideration: Thanks and God Bless! Kathy

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