$3.11 pennies in a glass.

Many years ago my children went to spend the week with their dad. ( My X) I’m glad I was able to provide a healthy lunch for them before I drove them to their father’s home. After I returned home, I looked in my kitchen cabinets to check out food for myself. I knew the answer before I looked. The cabinet was empty. The only thing that was there was a glass filled with pennies. I took the glass and poured them out on the carpet. I counted $3.11. This was a Wednesday and I didn’t get paid until Friday. Hmm? What could I get with $3.11 ? I was too embarrassed to go to the local supermarket. What if I didn’t have enough money to pay for my groceries? Hmm? I decided to go to the neighboring town. There was a mom and pop store there.  Before going to the store, I counted out 50 for each penny roll.  As I drove to the store, I thought what in the world could I buy for $3.11 ? I walked into the store. There were two other customers shopping. I searched the aisle for the items that I could buy for my pennies. I found macaroni rings, small can of white chicken, peas and miracle whip. Now, I wondered if I had enough money to buy these items. I was a bit scared to go up to the counter. Now, the last customer left the store. As I walked up to the check out counter I was saying the Lord’s prayer to myself. The clerk was checking out my groceries and when she was finished she said, $3.11 cents please!  I said, “excuse me?” She repeated, your groceries are $3.11. ( At that very moment I knew the Lord was helping me) I’m so blessed to have faith and know the Lord is with me always. That day at the mom and pop store, he made it possible for me to purchase enough food for myself to last until I had a paycheck on Friday. (That day was one of many to follow, that I felt blessed by the Lord)  I know what it’s like to scrap for pennies for food.  I know I’m led to help others gain financial freedom. Take a look at my website at www.kathyrossi.myhomefortune.com  All you need to do is knock and the door will be opened, trust this is the opportunity for you!  Kathy Rossi


About kathyrossi

Hi, I'm Kathy Rossi .Currently, I'm a Certified Risk Consultant with Harvard Risk Management. I care about people and don't like to see what I D Theft fraud crimes are doing to young and old in the US. Also, I'd love to share that anyone can have great legal help and advice for pennies a month. Harvard Risk Management is the largest broker for Legal and I D Theft plans in the country. I'm ready right now, to help you get enrolled with these services. In the past I have worked with a non profit foundation, raising over $240,000.(2010) in funds for those in need. My faith in the Lord has helped me through some financial troubles of my own in the past. I now feel led to help others gain financial freedom. I know what it is like to be working with change from my pocket to buy enough food for my family. The Lord has taken my hand and carried me out of those dark and penniless days. I'm blessed with three beautiful children that are grown and on their own. I also have a son in-law and daughter in-law, plus four grand daughters that are a joy to me and one wonderful new grandson. Also, a love in my life, Tom. Psalm 91 has been a great comfort to me. I hope you spend time in the Bible as well! God Bless you! Kathy Rossi
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