Past Daycare for 55 little ones and having to go through Chap.7

 Many years ago when my children were small, I decided to open an in home daycare. This way I would be home for my children and also be able to contribute to the family finances. My reputation for working with infants grew through the county. I started with just a few little ones. As they could also be playmates for my own children. Mt husband at that time and I decided to put a full basement in our home so to help more families. I soon needed help with the daycare. I started with one person as a helper. Being little ones couldn’t be on a lower level with daycare regulations, I stay and care for them on the main floor. My helper worked with the children of preschool age. Word of mouth really grows a business and soon I had 16 children and more helpers. I felt led by God to do this kind of work, so when I was asked why don’t I find a place outside of the home to have the daycare, I found an old church in town that had been vacant for years. Grateful for my X husbands help in getting it up to code and other around the community. Now with 7 certified woman helping me, I opened Kathy’s TLC Daycare which had room for 55 children. (all of dif ages from 6 wks to school age) I loved my job and the most rewarding work, plus feeling in my heart I was doing what God wanted me to do. Well, as you can imagine, paying for 7 ladies to help me on an hourly basis got to be expensive.  I had no funds on the side for anything. We kept going at this rate and full all the time with wonderful children. This lasted about two years. (all together I believe I started my first daycare in the early 70’s and closed the door to Kathy’s TLC in 1988). Not wanting to close the doors and let so many families down, I hired a person to oversee my daycare and I went into the cities to work at another. Thinking I could save my daycare that way. That was a big mistake. The love I felt for all these children at my daycare, was not being presented in my absence. So sorry for having to close the doors back then. Being without an income and just going though a divorce, I had not other option, but to go through Chap 7. This was so hard on me and my children. Whom I love so much. I knew God would help me through this, he always does! I feel for anyone having to go though financial problems. It’s hard and not fun to have collectors calling you either. Yes, I know first hand how this makes you not want to answer the phone. Even years later, the chance to get a loan, if needed, can be scary. You feel like you are less than others, being you had to go through this. I remember one day being encourage to apply for a loan, maybe two years after I went through Chap. 7.  The loan agent at the bank didn’t even want to shake my hand good-bye. The good thing I gained from that experience in the bank was to keep my chin up and be proud that I paid my bills on time and often did it in cash. I decided to hold my hand out to him and stood proud knowing God was with me. Even though he did not shake my hand I know I was true to myself! Today I’m so blessed to have a dream business of my own in FHTM! Please take a look at my website. You can start making money and much more for the future. It’s able to be there for a Will, I could sell it, or leave it in a trust for my children.  So, I know my children and grandchildren will be taken care of many years from now.  Go check out     God Bless!  Kathy


About kathyrossi

Hi, I'm Kathy Rossi .Currently, I'm a Certified Risk Consultant with Harvard Risk Management. I care about people and don't like to see what I D Theft fraud crimes are doing to young and old in the US. Also, I'd love to share that anyone can have great legal help and advice for pennies a month. Harvard Risk Management is the largest broker for Legal and I D Theft plans in the country. I'm ready right now, to help you get enrolled with these services. In the past I have worked with a non profit foundation, raising over $240,000.(2010) in funds for those in need. My faith in the Lord has helped me through some financial troubles of my own in the past. I now feel led to help others gain financial freedom. I know what it is like to be working with change from my pocket to buy enough food for my family. The Lord has taken my hand and carried me out of those dark and penniless days. I'm blessed with three beautiful children that are grown and on their own. I also have a son in-law and daughter in-law, plus four grand daughters that are a joy to me and one wonderful new grandson. Also, a love in my life, Tom. Psalm 91 has been a great comfort to me. I hope you spend time in the Bible as well! God Bless you! Kathy Rossi
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