Searching for something and finding something else you need.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who sets out to find a lost item in their house. I’m sure you have back tracked the places you’ve been to see if the item you are looking for turns up.
Isn’t it interesting and please think about the last time you did a serach. Am I right? You were looking for maybe your keys or a favorite pen or maybe a piece of gum. While you were searching, I bet you found something else you needed. Right?
Well, I’ve even heard of a lady named Patty that visits a town in CA. She is always looking down. Yes. looking down on the ground. Why?? She isn’t shy! No, Patty has a nack for finding money on the ground. She visits places like “The college of the Desert in CA. and finds money on the ground. I’ve been told she has found up to $100 at one time. Hmm! Maybe I will try her little routine next time I go to a crowded festival. I will let you know if I find some extra cash!
I was searching for someithing on google and found this sight as well. Might be something to check out! God Bless! Kathy


About kathyrossi

Hi, I'm Kathy Rossi .Currently, I'm a Certified Risk Consultant with Harvard Risk Management. I care about people and don't like to see what I D Theft fraud crimes are doing to young and old in the US. Also, I'd love to share that anyone can have great legal help and advice for pennies a month. Harvard Risk Management is the largest broker for Legal and I D Theft plans in the country. I'm ready right now, to help you get enrolled with these services. In the past I have worked with a non profit foundation, raising over $240,000.(2010) in funds for those in need. My faith in the Lord has helped me through some financial troubles of my own in the past. I now feel led to help others gain financial freedom. I know what it is like to be working with change from my pocket to buy enough food for my family. The Lord has taken my hand and carried me out of those dark and penniless days. I'm blessed with three beautiful children that are grown and on their own. I also have a son in-law and daughter in-law, plus four grand daughters that are a joy to me and one wonderful new grandson. Also, a love in my life, Tom. Psalm 91 has been a great comfort to me. I hope you spend time in the Bible as well! God Bless you! Kathy Rossi
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