Legal advice for many can be costly!

Ok, I’m not going to sell you on anything. Just giving you some food for thought!

Often we go through life and pray we don’t need a lawyer. Correct? Yes!

Ok, let say you come into a situation where you need to prove who you are. Yes, Maybe a loved one years ago put you in their will! Maybe you and 19 other people were included in the one woman’s wishes to bless you with some property or something like that. Cool!

Hmm? Years later someone contacts you and is in doubt that you are who you are and makes you go through some hoops to prove it. Wouldn’t a good lawyer be a great asset for you? Maybe, someone took your wallet and committed a crime in your name. Or like this situation which really happend to a guy. He was in a small town festival and it was crowed with people. Someone bumps up to him. The guy finds out later his wallet is taken. He is devastated! Long long day for him after losing the wallet. Goes to bed, really tired of all that went on that day. About 2 AM his door to his house get pushed in!! The SWAT TEAM is there in his bedroom with 10 guys with guns pointed at him in his bed!!!! (turns out the guy in the crowd who stole his wallet, went to a store that afternoon and robbed the manager of the store! (what does this have to do with the guy in the bed?) Well!! The Robber — after robbing the store, dropped the wallet of the guy he stole it from on the floor of the store as he raced out and gone probably to the next state by now! Wouldn’t you be calling a lawyer after this? To prove you are not guilty? Of course you would!

Ok, if I have given you some food for thought, then please take a look at this video. God Bless! We will talk soon! Kathy


About kathyrossi

Hi, I'm Kathy Rossi .Currently, I'm a Certified Risk Consultant with Harvard Risk Management. I care about people and don't like to see what I D Theft fraud crimes are doing to young and old in the US. Also, I'd love to share that anyone can have great legal help and advice for pennies a month. Harvard Risk Management is the largest broker for Legal and I D Theft plans in the country. I'm ready right now, to help you get enrolled with these services. In the past I have worked with a non profit foundation, raising over $240,000.(2010) in funds for those in need. My faith in the Lord has helped me through some financial troubles of my own in the past. I now feel led to help others gain financial freedom. I know what it is like to be working with change from my pocket to buy enough food for my family. The Lord has taken my hand and carried me out of those dark and penniless days. I'm blessed with three beautiful children that are grown and on their own. I also have a son in-law and daughter in-law, plus four grand daughters that are a joy to me and one wonderful new grandson. Also, a love in my life, Tom. Psalm 91 has been a great comfort to me. I hope you spend time in the Bible as well! God Bless you! Kathy Rossi
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