I’m Kathy Rossi. Now Kathy Starkey.  I have a great deal of experience in working with a non profit foundation in a past career, raising over $240,000.(2010) in funds for those in need. My faith in the Lord has helped me through some financial troubles of my own in the past. I now feel led to help others gain financial freedom. I know what it is like to be working with change from my pocket to buy enough food for my family. The Lord has taken my hand and carried me out of those dark and penniless days.I’m blessed with three beautiful children that are grown and on their own. I also have a son in-law and daughter in-law, plus four grand daughters and two grandsons, that are a joy to me. Also, a love in my life, Tom.

I’m excited to share the fantastic opportunity of becoming part of the SixFigurementors program.  Great financial income with good work ethics. I look forward to helping you and open to all questions. We can build your business together.

God bless.  Kathy   (check out my website  http://thesfm.com/krossi111


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