True Story of Identity Theft and a Mother’s Medical Info being used by thieves!

There was a mother in her 30’s, who was contacted by police. They claimed she just had a baby and the baby was born with Drugs in her system. They contacted her several times and she would tell them my children are all ages 4 and up! The police tried to put the cost of the hospital visit for the baby’s delivery on her for the amount of $10,000.
(FYI ! Your medical coverage card is worth over $500. on the black market and probably more even today!)

What had happened in this mother’s case is a thief getting hold of her medical coverage and changing a few things on her card. Then going in the hospital and claiming to be that mother with 4 kids. Even more devastating the thief ranked up a bill of $10,000. on this mother’s medical account with that hospital. Wow!.

This is a heads up for all of you reading this! Maybe you have your credit cards monitored and feel that is all you need to do. Wake up–please! You NEED more than this! You can have your whole family covered for only $13.95 a month and no contracts. Just month to month. Isn’t the assurance knowing you are protected in these cases worth that money spent? Yes! Act now by looking at this video: God Bless! Kathy

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Dreams And More Dreams!

Awesome weekend to all of you!

My tip for the day: Dream Big and don’t let nay sayers stop you. Invision your dreams and always ask the Lord for his help. God Bless! K

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Marketing Online !

Those of you who are thinking about retirement, might like to have a side business or hobby. The work I use to do wasn’t available anymore, after 2010. I needed to be creative in making money from home.

Yes, many trials and errors, but with each one I have gained knowledge that I would not have been able to get easily.   So from a seasoned online “senior” I’d say “go for it!” God Bless! Kathy

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Your Turkey Will Taste Better!

The Turkey you plan on eating for Thanksgiving will taste much better if you put your LOVE in the recipe.  Those people who find themselves getting compliments on the food they make seem to have put their own touch of Love in the cooking or baking they’ve done.  Maybe it’s the Turkey or maybe it’s the cookies you shared with your neighbor, friends and loved ones. Think back the last time you shared some home cooking with someone outside your family.  You may have felt a special, warm, fuzzy feeling as you made the food. Or you may have given someone a warm fuzzy feeling being you shared your home cooking and baking with them!  Yes, think about it, I’m sure you will remember the awesome feelings of love, being you made a point to share your talents in the kitchen.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  God Bless you and yours!

Check out this awesome info below. Thanks, Kathy.

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Knowledge Is Golden.

47880023To know is to be prepared and searching for the answers is to becoming more confident!

Anyone starting a new job knows how stressful  a new workplace can be.  A good tip is to go the first day and be prepared. Gain the knowledge available on the company you are joining.  Research the area you are going to be involved in.  Have a positive attitude and be willing to learn a new job.  Don’t come on board acting like you know how to do everything. Be teachable and friendly. You will see, this pays off in the long run. More people will like to work with you and more important, you will enjoy your new position!

Knowledge is golden:

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WP_20141019_003Joy, Joy, Joy! I’ve got Joy in my heart!  I remember this as a Sunday school song.  We all have busy lives, so why not be at our best and give our best to those we love and cherish.

The holidays are coming soon, Thanksgiving and Christmas!  I’m grateful for today, I’m grateful for my loved ones. I’m grateful for my friends. I’m grateful for the ladies at the grocery store who always have a smile when helping me decide on what deli lunch meat for this week.  I’m grateful for a warm place to sleep. I’m grateful for food on the table. I’m grateful for the Peace I feel, even when the day seems tight and not so organized, as I’d like it to be.  Lord, I thank thee for your many, many blessings you send my way. I thank you for giving me the words to pray and the language of the Spirit. With this in my heart I have your Peace, Lord.  Amen!

See a great page.

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Viewing Your Day With Different Scenes of Nature.

No matter how old you are, we all appreciate the beauty of nature.  For the last few days I was blessed with sitting in a stone patio with sunshine on my left side, as I rocked in a chair to read my Bible.  Southern California mountains in my view were so breathtaking.

How awesome it is to be blessed this way!  How generous my Lord is with his beauty he shares with me.  Only he could make me feel so loved and so much a child of his!

Driving home in the snow this evening after a four hour flight and what do I see, but more of God’s beauty.  This time it is the snow, but with the look of untraveled snow it is so precious and a gift from my Lord.  No car tracks, just white beautiful snow! Thank you Lord!

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Ideas For Expanding Your Memory And Thought Process At Age 64.

Ok, even though it’s not always fun being 64, I like to keep a positive attitude.  Our memory process has a few mistakes at age 64.  Maybe the person you worked with for years,  is face to face with you in the grocery store.  “I saw her and I felt great joy in seeing her again, but wouldn’t you know, I could only think of her last name!

Have you ever been talking to your spouse and you were referring to something you saw on TV and it was as if your mind took a 60 second break! What you wanted to say was on the tip of your toungue, but it took a few seconds to remember what that was. Yes, I think we have all been there at one time or another.  I wanted to keep my mind fresh, so I started reading more books and searching on the internet for classes I’d enjoy.

I’ve always enjoyed marketing being I’ve worked so many years in a non profit atmosphere, raising funds for patient aid etc.  So, I found a great site that I can learn more marketing tools and great mentors who encourage you to read great books and more!  Please have a  look at this site.

Have a blessed day!  Kathy


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